about us


Dardani Studio Legale gathers different lawyers who share intellectual and professional values.

The firm originates from the professional activity of Avv. Maurizio Dardani who has practiced for more than thirty years and he is a specialist of maritime law, law of transportation and international trade, both in Italy and abroad. His expertise in such fields is well recognized.

Such long experience has turned into method and training, through the case by case practice and the in-depth study, that enables all members of the firm to face all scenarios and issues shipping related, so providing clients with highly qualified assistance.

At the same time, together with the development and the enhancement of this culture of maritime law, the firm has grown and has gained experience and expertise in different areas of practice also through the contribution of each of its members.
It is through this combination of different backgrounds that Dardani Studio Legale offers its clients legal services also in areas which are collateral and parallel to shipping.

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