About us

Dardani Studio Legale lawyers share common intellectual values while each of them possesses specific competences and professional qualifications.

The origins and impetus of the firm are drawn from the experience of Maurizio Dardani who has over forty years of experience in the legal profession and is a specialist, in Italy and at an international level, in maritime and commercial law, transport and international trade.

This long-standing experience has become a training pathway, between daily practice and continuous professional study, and it guides our way of working.

It is with the same care and with ongoing in-depth analysis and synthesis that we assist and advise our clients in all and any of the situations that may occur.

Over time, in parallel to the development and growth of this ethos of maritime and commercial law, the law firm has been enriched by the contribution of professional experience gained in different subjects by each of our team who successfully combine their own studies in various fields of research with the specific professional qualifications in English law of some members of our practice who are UK barristers and solicitors.

This underlying philosophy of our law firm makes us a point of reference in the sectors in which we operate.